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Your Message Hand Delivered...

In summary, using pizza boxes as an advertising medium is not only innovative, but a highly effective way for businesses to reach and engage with their audience. Pizza box advertising takes advantage of the fact that pizza delivery and takeout services involve a physical interaction between the customer and the packaging, providing an opportunity for brands to deliver their message directly to homes and businesses.  Pizza boxes are tangible and often sit prominently in customers' homes, providing repeated exposure to the advertising message. The visibility and physical presence of the pizza box can enhance brand recall and engagement while contributing towards effective frequency.



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Sample AdPack Pizza Boxes

Below images are for example only, and not intended for actual use - All names, logos, trademarks, etc. are for demonstration purposes only.


Truly Unrivaled Advertising Flexibilty

Dynamic QR Codes bridge the gap between printed and digital marketing.  They enable consumers to easily transition from print materials, such as packaging, brochures and business cards to digital content creating a seamless and interactive experience.

Dynamic QR Codes play a significant role in modern marketing strategies, providing a versatile and adaptable tool for engaging with consumers.  They can be modified even after they are created and printed.  This flexibility is valuable for campaigns where information such as promotions, discounts, or event details may change.

Dynamic QR Codes come with built-in tracking and analytics features.  Marketers can monitor scan rates, locations, and user demographics, providing valuable insights into the performance of marketing campaigns. 

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Two Key Concepts in Advertising...

In summary, reach and frequency are two key concepts in advertising that help marketers understand and measure the impact and effectiveness of their ad campaigns.  While reach focuses on the size of the audience exposed to an ad, frequency looks at how often individuals within that audience are exposed to the message.  Both factors are essential for crafting effective advertising campaigns that maximize brand exposure and message retention.  Reach and frequency are interconnected, therefore a balance needs to be struck between reaching a large audience (high reach) and ensuring that the message is repeated enough times (effective frequency) for it to make an impact and be remembered.  Collaborative advertising on Pizza boxes ensures market penetration and brand visibility.

Key to any form of advertising is consistency, with a clear simple message that is presented repeatedly, but not in excess over an extended period of time.  Each of our collaborative advertising campaigns span an impressive 2 to 6 months, allowing for a substantial and impactful presence for your brand.  This duration assuredly achieves high reach and effective frequency, both key measures of exposure and an ads ability to increasingly resonate with the consumer.  This is why many successful companies allocate millions of dollars annually towards repeated and consistent advertising campaigns. 

Dynamic QR Codes
Reach & Frequency
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Why Pizza Boxes?

  • Low cost per printed exposure.

  • Complete demographic diversity.

  • 3 Billion pizzas sold each year in the US.

  • 94% of the US population eats pizza regularly.

  • On average pizza shops use 800+ boxes weekly.

  • Ads are placed directly into the hands of the consumer.

  • Printed ads are considered to be more trustworthy than digital.

  • Perfect media - think of it as a portable billboard that is seen repeatedly.

  • Ability to achieve "effective frequency" with low cost, consistent advertising.

  • Digital ads are perceived as intrusive, whereas printed ads are non-intrusive.

  • 80% of consumers act on direct printed ads versus 45% on digital advertising.

  • Printed content leaves a deeper impression than digital content, which tends to be skimmed.








Simultaneously reducing advertising and packaging costs, while achieving reach and frequency through collaborative advertising.

Included AdPack Features

AdPack campaigns feature visually engaging Graphic Design, Dynamic QR Codes for interactive content, and Analytics for insightful performance tracking.


Whimsical Poppy_crop_edited.jpg

•  Bespoke Visual Ad Development

•  Concise and Impactful Messages

•  Crisp & Vibrant CMYK Offset Printing


Dynamic vs Static QR Codes.jpg

•  URL, PDF, SMS, Social Media, E-Mail

• Phone Call, List of Links, vCard, etc.

• All Include Unlimited Updates


Analytics_QR Codes_1.JPG

•  Scans - Total & Unique

•  Geographical Locations

•  Device & Operating System

Add-On AdPack Services

Need help creating the below items?  In order to optimize CTA results we recommend Landing Pages, however PDF Documents and Websites are also useful options.  (Additional fees apply)


PDF Documents.jpg


Landing Pages_4.jpg


Web Design_2.jpg
Pizza Slices_trans.gif
Pizza Slices_trans.gif

Fun Pizza Facts

Pizza Slices_trans.gif
Pizza Slices_trans.gif

Mangia!  Mangia!  Mangia!

Americans consume an average of 350 slices of pizza every second.  That is equivalent to about 100 acres of pizza a day and 21,000 slices or 2625 pizza boxes per minute.  That’s a lot of pizza.

Papa’s Tomato Pies is America’s Oldest Continuously Operating Pizzeria. 

Founded by Giuseppe Papa in 1912 on South Clinton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey, this family owned pizzeria has operated continuously since opening day and still remains operated by the Papa family.

Pizza is a $37 Billion Industry.

Wow that’s a lot of dough!  It looks like pizza is great for the American economy.  According to the American Pizza Community, US Pizzeria’s employ over a million people in 73,000 stores across the country.


Like what you see?  Let's Work Together!

In summary, collaborative advertising, exemplified by ads printed on pizza boxes offers a synergistic approach that maximizes both reach and frequency.  This strategic alliance leverages the trusted local presence of the pizza shop to enhance the credibility and visibility of the advertiser within the community.  By sharing the costs of printing and distribution, all parties benefit from an affordable and targeted marketing strategy.  The ads, prominently displayed on pizza boxes, ensure high visibility during the entire dining experience, fostering a sense of community engagement and providing a tangible, shareable platform.  This collaboration further creates a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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